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Mr. Meal is a company dedicated to offering the best prices and best quality of food in the Orlando area. We are committed to providing our clients, who might be looking for convenience or to reach a fitness goal, affordable and nutritious meals; all this thanks to our brilliant Chef and his extensive career in Culinary Arts. We know sometimes meal prepping can be very time consuming and tedious, we offer a weekly menu that includes delicious (and healthy!) recipes that you can enjoy without the stress of cooking or cleaning afterwards. Also, all of our containers are disposable and microwave safe, so simply heat your meal up, enjoy, and recycle!

Once you decide to start with us, the steps are easy! Choose 10 meals (5 from each option or 10 of the same), pay using any major credit card, pick up or have them delivered to your house starting at $7 delivery fee and, lastly, enjoy your healthy and delicious meal.

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Meet Our Chef

Meet our Chef

Yamil El Azar is a Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School Graduate and has many years of experience in the field. His dedication and passion pushed him to expand his knowledge by taking courses in Europe, where he was able to discover new techniques, flavors, and cuisines. This mix of cultures and spices, and his interest in a healthy and fit life-style is what gave origin to Mr. Meal. From the moment Mr. Meal came to life, Yamil committed to deliver the best quality in every plate to create a wonderful experience in every bite. His vision was to bring his experiences from various countries and combine them with perfect flavors to have a balanced and delicious meal at an affordable price.

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